So recently a lot people in our fandom have started making edits and gifs, which makes me really happy (:

But there are a few small things that kinda annoy me, so here are some tips: 

  • If you’re making an edit, make sure it is 500px wide, that way it will perfectly fit on everybody’s dash and blogs and will not let a white space on the right of the post.
  • Same for photosets, make the pictures the size they need to be: So if you have two pictures next to each other, make the wide 245px and if you have three pictures next to each other, make the wide 160px!
  • Also if you’re making photosets, use your own edits or give credit to the makers of the gifs and edits you are using, this will be very appreciated, haha (:
  •  If you’re uploading a photoset, make sure you drag the pictures to the right place, sometimes I see photosets with perfectly good gifs but because of the way they were uploaded they look a bit weird and messy. (example: instead of looking like this, some photosets look like this) So make sure you drag the pictures to the right place after you’ve chosen which pictures you want!

You can all ignore this if you want, or take the tips for granted. If you have any questions about photoshop, gif-making or whatever, feel free to ask (:

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